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it took us a year to complete our moving project!

we wanted to share this beautiful story from the inside to highlight the impact of a collaborative business network. told in three parts to allow us to wait until our official opening scheduled Tuesday, May 31, 2022


May 2021 - it all started when we wanted to start leasehold improvements to our offices in Laval. we needed a laboratory, a real one! by presenting the expansion plans to our owner, he announced the sale of their business. taken by surprise, we quickly rush in search of a place called: industrial, but here, in Laval, most industrial premises are either much too big or much too expensive.

fear of having to leave our premises too quickly with our two or three boilers under our arms, homeless and caught up in our open-air production, we garochon on the phone worthy of a call to help to our most loyal contacts.

June 2021 - after several days working on different avenues, we contacted Isabelle, Commercial Development Commissioner of DEV Vaudreuil Soulanges. Isabelle quickly puts us at ease. we feel that we are supported by a network of hearts. a few phone calls later, Isabelle gives us the contact details of Georges, real estate broker. what a great meeting! Georges understands our imminent need to relocate. he quickly organizes a day of visits to Vaudreuil for us.

July 2021 - we are ready as ever to find a home when the day comes and as we had hoped... love at first sight. we had to wait until the sixth and penultimate visit to feel this immense joy of having finally found it. ours!

there's just one small empty shell...four walls and a roof, that's all our future dream location has! far from yet realizing the large-scale project in which we will embark; a project that will revolve around a major construction, continuous production, hyper business growth, with a financial record not at all planned in the pro-format for the year.

for now, we're just happy and relieved to have taken another step towards our future address. we leave with a light heart, with all our design ambitions, far from budgets and the chart of accounts ;-)

will follow a great challenge that will awaken our already well-honed creative side

follow the evolution of our story in the next installment published at the end of April

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