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discovery ° box

discovery ° box

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take advantage of free delivery when you get your discovery box. it allows you to become the real green cleaning pro through our high-performance products and active.

your box contains:

° one bowl kit (60 uses)

° our black soap perfect for cleaning your floors, for formulating your degreasing cleaner or for making your dish soap or laundry soap

° our 12% vinegar, a natural bactericide and a powerful ally in bathrooms to get rid of limescale by diluting it with water. also effective for creating your glass and mirror cleaner

° your Nu°01 Nowa bar Cleanser with the scent of your choice. Our innovation 2021! The first bar of concentrate ready to be diluted. Following the major trends of circular movement to preserve water, reduce the impact of C02 and drastically eliminate your use of plastic.

° our Vitra Nowa bottle for the dilution of your Nu°1 Nowa bar or for any other creations

° the clay stone, a powerful natural cleaner for bathtubs, vanities, sinks, glass ceramics and even for your shower tiles.

° 4 square erasers, essential tools to make your kitchen and bathroom surfaces spotless. you can also use them for greasy marks on walls

° one essential oil 10 ml of your choice among the 3 Nowa bar fragrances

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