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dish soap ° box

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essential oil
making the best dish soap. even the skeptics will be convinced! at first, you have to get used to it, because the formulation is very liquid, but you will quickly fall under the spell of its effectiveness. use your formulation by mixing it with warm water during cleaning and scrubbing. even without an abrasive sponge [...] yes yes, just rubbing with your fingers! finish with a small cloth for stubborn stains, voila!

with your abieze products, you will get up to 7x your dish soap worth approximately $2.20 per formulation.

your box includes:
°our black soap in a 500ml format
°a pint of baking soda
°a pint of soda ash (also great for under pans or unclogging drains!)
°our 12% vinegar in a 500ml format
°the essential oil of your choice from our abieze fragrances
°a 500ml amber glass bottle to create your blend