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taking advantage of the success of our residential cleaning division, we are now creating and manufacturing our own line of active products. the importance of health at the heart of our workplaces [our homes] resonates many of our values ​​and awakens our awareness to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
from these reflections was born our division in the creation, manufacture and distribution of cleaning products. also making our raw material available, we want to create the complete inventory for all the cleaning needs of families here. facilitate their transition to a zero waste lifestyle.

cumulating more than 50,000 hours of use for nearly 7 years, offering a new unique image, we are building the reputation of abieze products with a lot of heart and of passion.

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présentation du nettoyant tout usage abieze dans son contenant en verre de 500ml

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  • ready to use

    we have been manufacturing ecological cleaning products since 2015. our formulations have been tested more than 15,000 times during our interviews! they have proven themselves in our industry. now it's up to you to discover them.

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  • raw material

    you prefer to create your own cleaning products and more. we have the materials you need! 12% vinegar with black soap. from baking soda to soda crystals, we also offer a selection of essential oils.

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  • Housekeeping

    to maintain your home on a recurring basis or for your sporadic requests, we have acquired solid expertise over the past 6 years. we work throughout Greater Montreal: from Boucherville to St-Jérôme.

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