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why choose abieze?

over 50k hours of use

Thanks to our housekeeping division, we have been working with our products every day for over 7 years! to date, our data has allowed us to refine our recipes and offer you excellent cleaning products.

at the heart of our production

we honor each of our manufactures in-house, in our laboratory. we are also wonderfully supported by a team of 3 chemists, 1 formulator in addition to our production manager who operates all the operations.

local innovations

starting with the Nowa bar; our ready-to-dilute cleaner concentrate. we continue with our production of camelina black soap. the result is a complete range based on this plant from our lands. other ongoing projects will also see the light of day by 2024...

simple cleaning experience

all of our products are designed to make your life easier. offering you natural products without diminishing their performance . you will find in our e- shop your green equivalent , the ecological alternative to take care of your living space.

new camelina collection

designed 4000 years ago, innovated locally

drawn directly from our land, discover our products made from the camelina plant; a collection specially innovated for local families.

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