transition vers les produits écolos

transition to green products

The smell of “clean” has always been essential to my cleaning routine. Without that strong smell, I didn't feel like my house had been polished as it should be. My kitchen counter smelled of tropical citrus, my bathrooms the gentle breeze of the fields and my floor smelled of lemongrass. Everything to satisfy me!

Absolutely nothing and no one could have changed my cleaning habits. Nobody…except a 10-week-old fetus who gave me the superpower of an excessively sharp nose (those who have ever been pregnant know what I'm talking about). The faux tropical citrus fruits and gentle field breezes were becoming more difficult to bear and I had to turn to cleaning solutions that were less unpleasant for my nostrils.

By doing research, I realized that certain chemical ingredients found in the products I used daily could be harmful for me and baby, even after my pregnancy. So I had to find less chemical cleaning products for my health and that of my family. But where to start and what to prioritize? Buy everything or make my cleaning products myself? In fact, I would say that the important thing is to gradually change your different household products starting with those that we use most frequently to see the benefits. For my part, I started my transition with the following 3 products:

1 - dish soap: Some dish soaps have cleaning agents that damage the natural protection of the hands, causing dryness or cracking. So I opted for a dish soap whose ingredients are derived from plants, therefore softer for the skin and odorless.

2 - all-purpose cleaner: An essential! I had to mourn the scents of freshness, but whose anti-bacterial acids harmed my respiratory tract. To recreate this same effect, I open the windows when cleaning my counters to ventilate my space.

3 - window cleaner: To quietly introduce myself to DIY household products, I decided to make my own window and mirror cleaner. The recipe is very simple: in a 1L push-push, put 2/3 of lukewarm water for 1/3 of 12% vinegar and you're done! The result is flawless.

My daughter is now 7 months old and I am happy to know that she is thriving in a safe home environment that is less harmful to her health. Favor ecological and biodegradable cleaning products that encourage the preservation of our beautiful planet!

- ernsline abieze brigade

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