créer votre savon à vaisselle les deux doigts dans l'nez

create your dish soap with two fingers in the nose

you'll quickly fall in love with this dish soap that is made as quickly as walking around your kitchen island 3x screaming scissors. yes! it is quite liquid. but it performs well for a while.
first get the dish soap box
or complete your product list with the following products:
°bottle that can hold at least 500ml of liquid
1° in a measuring cup, pour 1/4 cup of black soap, 2 cases of baking soda and 1 case of soda crystals. mix.
2° add 1 case of household vinegar and a good 20 drops of essential oil of your choice. remix well by adding a little water to allow it to be well homogenized.
3° take the bottle that will serve as your best friend during this charming dishwashing chore and add the mixture to it.
4° complete your soap by filling your bottle with water to total approximately 500 ml of product. "shake" well!
that's it.
don't forget to "shake" before each use.
it costs $4.00 per production of dish soap, something to please your wallet and the environment

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