tes vitres de douche pleines de calcaire... la solution

your shower windows full of limestone... the solution

obsessed with your shower screens! nice fashion this story!! We miss the good old curtain when you realize that you can no longer see through your windows due to limestone. in short, the solution
"or either come back to the curtain" or use the abieze technique...
1st step: prepare your glass and mirror cleaner
° in a bottle that can hold at least 500ml, pour 1/4 of 12% vinegar
° add 3/4 water
° you can add about twenty drops of essential oil, but it's really not necessary ... it will smell like vinegar anyway... [?!]
1° spray your glass and mirror cleaner on the shower panes, shower head and tiles
2° rubs all the surfaces with a square eraser
3° wipe with a Vileda Actifibre cloth well soaked in boiling water and wrung out well [this cloth will really make the difference. it is made of the perfect fibers to save time [point] available with the purchase of our glass shower box! **Warning! this laundry is not suitable for the dryer!!
4° if ever a little finish is missing, finalize the work with a windows and mirrors cloth
that's it! for the shower base and very dirty tiles, you absolutely need the clay stone! if you are interested to see how to use it, watch the following short video:

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